Pricing for Elder Cottages varies by model, level of finishes and site costs. Pricing, for the cottages themselves, delivered to your site, begins at around $40k, with standard finishes. (Pricing for the EC 585 as shown in our Photo Gallery starts at around $49k).

Site costs typically run around $15k for sites with easy access and sufficient utility service. Variables that impact site costs include, but are not limited to: Access to the rear yard; porches/decks and ramp requirements; the capacity of the existing home’s utility service.

Pricing includes full turn-key services ensuring your cottage is move-in ready. Specifications can be found with each downloadable floor plan.

Traditional financing options include:

  • Cash

Loans Available Through Affiliates

  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Refinance of an Existing Mortgage
  • Chattel Loans (Current Rates Start at around 7% for Qualified Applicants and fluctuate according to market rates).

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